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Darren has over 25 years in the industry. After purchasing DNM he has since fully rebranded and changed the company image. His charismatic personality is contagious to all and he is just as involved as the rest the team and is on the front line with them every step of the way.

Shop Tech


Michael joined the team with a strong background in carpentry and build. Many of our decor pieces are designed and built in house. Michael works side by side with our designers to create one of a kind pieces for events large and small. 


Office Mascot

You'll see Tack around the shop from time to time. We love having our office mascot around and he loves meeting all of our wonderful visitors. Tack was just a pup when he joined the team and grown fast and manages to keep up with the high energy staff!


Creative Director

Mark has a strong background in theatre and design which shows in his custom creations. The world is his stage and the design is an escape from reality. Marks quirky yet elegant designs explode with his personality. Mark is also a certified florist and leads the entire creative team.
Jess is the boomerang, returning home to DNM after some time away. She is the best of the best when it comes to our clients and team support. Jess heads many of the events and projects that DNM is currently working on. Her knowledge and creative skill set is sure to impress.


Design & Support


Director of Finance

Chris is a long time member of the team that even though behind the scenes, he has years of experience and knowledge that makes sure accounts are current and accurate. Chris has been with DNM for several years and enjoys seeing what the team creates time and time again.



Luke has a long time experience in event production. Luke came back to the crew as a full time production lead and is on almost every event site to help guide our crew in blue and work side by side with our design team. Luke is always ready to go, and when it comes to crunch time he makes it happen.



Guillermo is one of the main production members and is an expert in pipe and drape and is on most set ups as well as event take downs. He joined the company a few years ago and since then has assisted in the production of many of the events you see here on our site. 



Jonas is a production lead and is the go-to guy for products within our facility. He has a wide knowledge of all of our products and functions. Jonas has been with the company the longest of the whole team and you will see him at almost every event set up and take down. 


Meet The Team!
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