Spreading the Holiday sparkle, Darren is the founder of Holiday Artisans and owner of DNM Events. He drives our high spirited team to a successful finish line.

Founder & CEO

Darren Venteicher

Guarding the DNM treasure, Chris takes care of the books and keeps our finances right on track.


Chris Deaser

Keeping us up to date in the digital world, Justin's contemporary style contributes to the creative up-keep of our website, advertising, print work, and renders of future events.

Graphic Design & Marketing

Justin Shaner

Ross's charm and wit makes for a fun time in any situation. A master with a flame torch and his engineering mind, he skillfully makes our dream décor come to life.

Senior Welder

Ross Hardin

With a glittery sparkle in her eye, Laurie creates beautiful designs with our fresh and artificial floral for all special occasions.

Head Floral Designer

Laurie Cuthbertson

Trin's  started in the company helping with the remodel. With his positive, can do attitude, he has mastered much of what DNM has to offer.

Event Production

Trin Lane

The man that keeps us all laughing, his steady work ethic and big heart is always appreciated on our team.

Event Production

Mark Lesan

Bringing you into a world of imagination, Mark's creative and artistic insight leads the company to new heights with his unique and theatrical designs.

Creative Director

Mark Lively

A man of many hats, Craig will brighten your day with his glowing smile while helping with design and making sure all of our customers are well taken care of.

Customer Relations & Design

Craig Mortensen

Always shining bright with ideas, Jonas's long-term knowledge of the company and excellent communication skills keep our jobs on the right track.

Senior Event Lead

Jonas Cervantes

With his creative mind and paintbrush in hand, he takes what we can only dream of and makes it a reality!

Senior Artist

Dave Worley

Locked in her tower as we call it, Peggy sews & orders all our fun drape and other fabric related concepts. Her fun and willing attitude will leave you in stitches. 


Peggy Anderson

Keeping the shop organized and well labeled, Luz handles all of our props with loving care, just like her sweet & loving personality.

Event Production

Luz Baltierra