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Set up a time to come in and see our facility, we want to show you what we do.


Meet with your event designer and discuss everything you want to create. Photos you find online or on sites like pinterest are extremely helpful so we can see what you are thinking.

If you decide that you want a custom design render you'll pay a one time design fee to get going. That fee is credited towards your event, so don't worry!

Sometimes your designer will want to take a site visit of your venue too.

Your event designer will render up a full custom design within your specified budget. You'll come meet with us again to see your full design.

Let's talk numbers! We don't want you to have any surprises or to worry about what your event is going to cost. 

We work within your budget and break down your proposal into every section itemized so you can see exactly what your event will cost. 

This allows you to pick things you love and maybe remove things that you don't.

You'll be able to see EVERYTHING, no hidden fees. Once you get to a number you feel comfortable with we require a 50% deposit to get everything started. 

At this point everything goes into action and you can RELAX! We got it from here!

Now the magic of creating an event all comes together. A few days before your event we will contact you and the venue to arrange a time for set up and tear down. 

Our CREW IN BLUE will come in and get everything set up. On most larger sets your event designer will be on site too.


We like to say we're one less thing to worry about because we leave and get out of your way and will return to tear down later. 

Your render becomes reality and your event is a one of a kind design for all in attendance to enjoy!

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The process to create an event with us is EASY! Our design team works for YOU, with YOU, and with their experience they help guide you the entire way. Choose a theme, wild, crazy, classy, unique, or anything in between. We create a one of a kind custom design specific to your event. 

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